Worship Services

If you do not have a church home, we would encourage you to come to our fellowship.

If you have questions, please feel free to speak with any member to seek further information.

We pray you will be blessed through your fellowship with us and God's Word.


Sundays at 7:45 am Tradition Service

10:15 am Blended Service

*Nursery available for you to use with close circut television.

Adult Sunday School at 9:00 am


Blended Service


Our blended service is a mixture of contemporary music and traditional music which allows everyone to

experience the way to worship best. Music may be provided by praise band, orchestra, choir, or organ

in which they will use along with screen projection of song lyrics, video clip selections, slide shows and

announcments. The use of this technology allows for greater individual freedom of expression during

our worship time.

The occasional use of skits may be included to help bring simple every day aspects of life across in an

alternate form. Sharing time of praises and concerns is provided for anyone who wishes to share their

story. All of this, along with a "Life application" message to tie it all together helps us all get our week

started int he best possible way.

Our mission in offering this alternative srvice is consistne with our church mission - that all may know

Jesus, and grow in God. Our mission is also to encourage service from any group or individual willing to

share their gifts of special music, prayer, leadership, or any other talents such as operation of sound

or video equipment, hosting social time, etc.