About Our Pastor


Pastor Dennis Adams is originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


He has previously served churches in Coudersport and Houtzdale/Madera, also in the

Susquehanna Conference. He joined our congregation in July 2007 along with his wife

Carol and their two sons.

When Pastor Dennis isn't busy visitng members of the congregation, he can be found singing in

the choir or helping with the youth group. He is a member of the Hummelstown Rotary Club,

and was the presdient for two years. Carol enjoys babysitting, participating in the choir, helping

at the local food pantry, and the Grantville Area HUB.

Carol and Dennis have two sons and three grandchildren.



Church History

The United Brethren class was organized in 1848 by membersof Sherk's Church, living in Mechanicsville.

On August 9th, 1849 at Sherk's Camp meeting, the Quarterly Conference was held and John Henry,

William Runkle, Henry Sherk, Michael Sherk, and John Walmer were appointed as trustees to erect a meeting

house at Mechanicsville. Henry Staub and Solomon Von Neida were the pastors at this time.

Michael Sherk donated a lot 57 1/2 square acers upon which a brick church was built in 1850.

The deed is dated June 19th, 1852 and the land cost the trustees 10 cents.

In the year 1865, in honor of General U.S. Grant, victorious leader of the Union Army in the Civil War,

the name of Mechanicsville was changed to Grantville as we know it today.

Between 1892 - 1893 a second building, a frame structure was erected at a cost of $7,700.

The sanctuary as was 40 by 64 feet and the Sunday school room was 33 by 26 feet. The cornerstone was

laid on September 4th, 1892. Only a few years after its completion a severe storm came along and twisted

the structure. Though repaired to some extent then, it remained a menace to safety until 1921. It was

then renovated and refurbished at a cost of $6,500.

Re-opening services were held June 18th 1922.

The fourth major building program in 100 years was ready

for dedication on May 6th, 1951. The project included a modern

basement under the entire existing building, and under the

church auditorium was a large auditorium divisible into seven

classrooms. Under the previous Sunday school rooms were

completely redecorated and a new chancel choir section,

organ and indirect lighting were also added. The exterior of

the building was repainted entirely and a new tower with a belfry was ereceted and topped with a

stainless-steel cross. The grounds were re-graded and landscaped.

In 1960, St. John's Evangelical United Brethren trustees pruchased the present parsonage on Short Drive

from Faith United Church of Christ. It was dedicated on Sunday, November 20th, 1960.

In 1966 the well-known local artist, William Rohrbeck, was commissioned to paint the 12 by 4 foot

DaVinci's "The Last Supper" to be hung in the overflow area. The painting is a memorial from the

family of the late John D. Sandy, and was dedicated by the Reverand William Boyer.

On April 23rd, 1968, the Evangelical United Brethren Church united with the Methodist church to

become St. John's United Methodist Church. In 1970 the basement was renovated and a kitchen was

installed along with other improvements.